Subject Area Representatives for CWS


Subject Area Representatives (SARs) are STANYS members who represent their Section in one of the following areas: earth science, biology, environmental science, chemistry, physics, elementary science, intermediate level science, college science, and retirees. The SAR concept originated with STANYS during the reorganization of the State Education Department and before the BOCES supported Mentor program began. We expect SARs to:

  1. Lead a workshop at the STANYS Annual Conference.
  2. Attend the annual SAR leadership workshop. Long distance travelers get their overnight accommodations paid for by STANYS.
  3. Conduct or help arrange a Section workshop once a year.
  4. Contribute a report or article to the Section Newsletter. This may include an update from the State Education Dept., local or state activities, and meeting notices.
  5. Be a member and support the mission of STANYS.

The 2017-2018 Central Western Section SARs are:

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